The Vogue Room is a decorating blog that serves as the ultimate go-to guide for living BIG in a small space and for individuals that want their living space to reflect their personal style. With small space decorating advice, home styling tips, to easy DIY tutorials, from interviews with your favorites Instagram designers, the goal of The Vogue Room is to inspire you to create a home that’s a direct reflection of your personal style and character. Whether you are renting or whatever your living situation may be, we will provide tons of helpful tips for helping you acheive the art of creating a happy home and living BIG and in style  in your small space.

Meet Ebony Staten. Chic geek & interior stylist/ founder of trendy blog: The Vogue Room. After a few storied hiccups, Ebony finally settled on her true passion for design. Meandering the crests of yuppie life inspired this call to fill a "void". The void? A dull eye for creativity amongst her peers. Sure, everyone around her excelled in their careers. But not everyone rose to the occasion of impeccable style in home decor. She strongly believes one's killer sense of style, must match their living space as well. Ebony's primary focus is the Renter. Renting for the short term does not have to equate to neglecting the here & now. Home should feel like...well, HOME. Your own personal sanctuary - regardless of the temporary nature of dwelling. Specializing in small space solutions, The Vogue Room meets inner charisma with a sensible budget. Originally from Charlotte, North Carolina. Ebony received her undergraduate degree in Computer Information Systems, and Masters in Information Science from North Carolina Central University.