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"Hang all the mistletoe.. I'm gonna get to know you better....This Christmas--And as we trim the tree... How much fun it's gonna be together This Christmas--the fireside blazing briggghttttt. HOLD ON, let me stop. I was about to get take off! It's something about Christmas that I truly love. One of those things is trimming the Christmas tree! I mean--what's Christmas without a Christmas tree!!!! I remember growing up, my great-grandmother made sure she put up our tree the day after Thanksgiving. She had a small tree but propped it on a wooden table, so from the window outside looking in, it literally looked about 6ft (haha). The tree had colorful lights that blinked on and off to the sound of Christmas tunes, colorful ornaments that would break--if you held it to tight, and mad silver tinsel EVERYWHERE!!!! On the wooden table around the tree, there would be more tinsel garland, baby Jesus in the manger, and other biblical figurines, that she proudly displayed. Spray snow around the window seals for a frosty look (that wouldn't come off for nothing), more colorful lights, and electric candlesticks in just about every window in the front of the house. Not many gifts under the tree, but the VIBE of love and the season of giving was PRICELESS. Man-- those were the good ol' days!! As I digress--I feel like the Christmas tree is the foundation of Christmas. Once it's up, and decorated beautifully, you get a sense of the MOST WONDERFUL time of the year! I'm not going to be giving out tips on how to achieve my great-grandmother's tree, but I will be dishing out 7 steps on how to decorate/trim your Christmas Tree in Vogue Style!!!



To make styling your tree a little easier, I would suggest for you to come up with a theme for your tree. Maybe you love black and white and want to create a Chanel inspired Christmas tree. Whatever it is, DO IT! Make sure your theme is cohesive with the colors you choose. My theme for my tree this year is The Vogue Room inspired. Is that vein?? Yes, my actual business and brand! I wanted my Christmas tree to exude GLAM! I am loving blush/champagne tones, along with silver and a hint of gold . Therefore, I thought it would be the perfect colors to incorporate on the tree as well. 


I suggest you go with a flocked or colored (maybe white, or even silver) to achieve the super glam look. However, if you have a green Christmas tree that will work too. Moreover, make sure you setup your tree and fluff the branches! I typically start to fluff at the bottom, and work my way up. I suggest you put on a good Christmas music playlist, for entertainment purposes and TAKE YOUR TIME! You should fluff one branch at a time, so your tree will look full!

Step 2a: If you don't have a pre-lit tree, after you fluff your branches out completely, add lights to your tree. I like to wrap the lights around the branches and in between the sprigs. 

For Added GLAM: my tree is pre-lit, BUT because I'm extra, I added more lights for MORE TWINKLE and you should too!



When I think of faux fur, immediately my mind says GLAM! Therefore, we are going to add faux fur, ribbon or whatever element you choose to wrap around your tree. You can use a few techniques below:

Faux Fur Method: This can be done with faux fur garland, faux fur rug (you can always cut it into rectangles), or if you want to save a few coins, you can use white dusters! YES, you read it correctly DUSTERS! Stay tuned for my faux fur DIY hack that only cost $1 per box at your local Dollar tree. Starting at the top, I placed the fur between the branches and went all the way around the tree. Therefore, when I finished it created a "spiral" look around the tree.

I do understand everyone may not want to use faux fur therefore you can use some old faithful ribbon. There at least three methods to use when it comes to wrapping ribbon around the tree.

1. The Spiral: some people start at the top and wrap it around the tree like a maze or spiral.

2. The Waterfall: start at the top on each side of the tree and create a cascading look which causes a waterfall look.

3. Random: I like to go with the "random" approach. I start at the top and simply tuck the ribbon in and out of the tree. Essentially, I do this all through out the tree in different random sections with different ribbon lengths. Trust me, it's going to look good!!!

added dusters as faux fur to complete this spiral look

added dusters as faux fur to complete this spiral look


This step is pretty straight forward. Starting with the largest ornaments, place each ornament on the tree in different spots. I like to start at the top of the tree and work my way down (or whatever works best for you). Remember--try to put a decent amount of space between each ornament.

For Added GLAM: make sure your ornaments are SUPER chic. Hobby Lobby, Big Lots, and At Home stores are my top places to go to for nice glam ornaments. I normally select ornaments of varies sizes, shapes, textures and BLING! 

These ornaments are from Hobby Lobby and if you look closely, they have added bling to them.

These ornaments are from Hobby Lobby and if you look closely, they have added bling to them.


Besides getting very nice ornaments, this step has to be my favorite! Florals and sprays are a good way to add definition and dimension to your tree. These elements are great fillers, that takes your tree from average to POPPIN'! There isn't a specific technique I use for this step. Once again, I like to get my sprays and florals from Hobby Lobby and At Home. They come in the form of glittery feathers, fluffy feathers, glittery sticks, antlers, etc. Simply, stick them in the tree and even on the garland. Make sure it's secured, and there you have it! The MORE sprays and floral THE BETTER!!!! 

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christmas tree florals.jpg


You thought I forgot about the rest of those cute ornaments-of course not! Evaluate your tree, take a step back, and see where you may have gaps and spaces that need to be filled in. We want to add the rest of your medium to smaller size ornaments here. I like to place a variety of ornaments on the tree. For smaller size, I like to place them deeper inside the tree and some on the outside branches. 

For Added Glam: The "blingy-er" the ornaments the BETTER! GLITTER, DISCO BALLS, SEQUINS are just a few of my favorite types of ornaments to style with.


Add something super interesting to the tree for VISUAL interest. Whether, it's between the branches or an over the top topper to set off the tree. You need something interesting that will seal the deal to your overall theme. In my case, I added a few Vogue pictures I had in frames on the wall to the tree. Because my tree is The Vogue Room inspired, I thought these pictures would be visually interesting and would give my tree the right "pop" I was going from! Mission accomplished!

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And there you have it! You have successfully decorated and styled your GLAM Christmas tree, in true VOGUE style! I hope this was helpful and let me know, how your Christmas Tree turn out. Don't forget to follow us on Instagram and subscribe, so you can receive every blog post in your inbox. Happy Holidays!!!

christmas tree edited (1).jpg