Hello everyone! Do you guys remember the first generation college student—I sponsored last year? I’m super excited to announce the launch of my nonprofit The Vogue Room Foundation. The Dorm Room Makeover was created to help a deserving first-generation minority female student adapt to their new life living on campus at a university. We want to assist, design, and add personal style & flare to their dormitory spaces. With this effort, we hope to alleviate the burden that comes furnishing campus decor.


For the past few years, the thought of giving back was weighing on my heart. I was at the beginning stages of my interior styling business and working a full-time job but I wanted to do something much more. However, I was quite unsure what exactly that was going to be or even looked. Besides, giving time, effort, money, etc to family, friends, church—or even people I didn’t know. I wanted to dig deeper and create a larger impact, that I could someday leave a legacy for my kids (whenever I decide to have some), family, and community.

Therefore, rewind back to May 22, 2018 I was casually scrolling my instagram feed and I came across a post by First Lady Michelle Obama. It was a picture of her at Princeton in the early 1980s and she explained how being a first-generation college student was scary, but her advice to students was to be brave and stay with it. Being a first generation college student, as myself. This particular instagram post RESONATED with me to the 10th power and that’s when I had my great “aha moment”. It was the end of the school year for high school seniors. And I thought to myself, why not sponsor a graduating female first generation college student attending a NC state university. This would be my chance to GIVE to this student and use my creativity and decorating skills to transform their dorm rooms.

Immediately after I read the post, formulated the idea in my head. I put some action behind it. I wrote a mission, vision, criteria, etc of what/who/ and how this Dorm Room project would look. Then, I created the application for The Vogue Room Dorm room makeover.


I called a few friends and pitched the the idea to them (because I would need their honest opinion and support). Needless to say, they were “geeked” about it, and a week later I posted the instagram announcement, announcing my effort. TIME OUT (Zack Morris Voice): I want to mention how important having great friendships of substance is in today’s society. I love the fact I can literally call my friends to have a night out on the town and talk on a serious business level. They are the real MVP’s (you guys better get you some friends that can do both—hehe).

As I digress, okay so, can you say NERVOUS? I had absolutely NO CLUE, who this post would reach and it was the first week of June. My goal was to reach ONE student, have them to apply, and I would be more than SATISFIED! As a result of my post, so many of my followers started tagging young ladies, reposting the post to their instagram stories, and it took off. One of my friends was connected to the Charlotte Mecklenburg School system. She connected me to a resource that worked with graduating seniors. From there, they were able to shared the application to a few students. I started to receive a few email inquiries/ and completed applications and it was time for me to make my decision.

The 2018: Dorm Room Makeover recipient was a young lady name Justice. This young lady went above and beyond to submit her application and graduated with over a 3.0 GPA. She would be a first generation college student that Fall semester and a graduate from West Charlotte High School. She overcame her adversities and is currently celebrating her achievements at North Carolina Central University (my alma mater-EAGLE PRIDE)! I worked with Justice as if she was one of my clients. She told me what colors she liked/disliked, and what actual items she wanted in her space in a Pinterest board. I presented her with a moodboard of the space and we had a shopping day! She was able to get whatever she liked!

Fun fact: Justice moved in the same dormitory I lived in my sophomore year. And she stays 2 doors down from my old room.

Fun fact: Justice moved in the same dormitory I lived in my sophomore year. And she stays 2 doors down from my old room.

Furnishing a college dorm room can cost thousands of dollars depending on the needs and market. A 2017 article from LearnVest and republished on Forbes describes the account of a mom furnishing her son’s dorm room and ultimately spending more than $1,300. The fact that The Vogue Room Foundation can alleviate this burden for this first generation college student is very beneficial within itself. Nevertheless, Justice shopped until she dropped and it was time for move in day at North Carolina Central University. As you can see, the final result of the dorm room was totally worth it!

My vision for The Vogue Room Foundation: Dorm Room Makeover is to build lasting impressions, elevated living experiences, and hope to first generation college students. The Vogue Room Foundation strives to set a confident tone to the qualified collegiate. 'Home is where the heart is'...and we want to create a comfortable, yet chic environment for a student each year to make her feel like she is indeed home. Click the button to find out more.

SPECIAL THANKS: Thank you so much to everyone that contributed to this cause last year. I GREATLY APPRECIATE YOU, FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! I will be creating another post specifically for you guys LOVE AND SUPPORT. If you want to contribute this year, click the button to find out more

*The Vogue Room Foundation: 501(c)(3) is pending status