photo via: The Vogue Room Instagram

photo via: The Vogue Room Instagram

In the world of fashion and every girl's wardrobe, great accessories is an absolute MUST! Essentially, accessories can make or break your outfit. You can wear a simple black dress, but adding a fabulous statement necklace, paired with stunning earrings, a nice leather boot, hand clutch,  topped with a nice fur. GIRLLLL, you immediately take that simple black dress from nope to DOPE! In correlation with home design, accessories will do the exact same thing! Just like that black dress, think of your furniture as the foundation of a space. It comes in different shapes and sizes. Some have straight lines, while others have a more curvy silhouette. Moreover, some come in bright vibrant colors which can be an ultimate show stopper in any room. However, just like the simple black dress, a piece of furniture alone isn't 'good enough sis'. I like to think furniture selections and accessories go hand in hand likeeee--- Ebony and Ivory, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Kid and Play, Gladys Knight and the Pips--- you get the point! In fact, if we only had furniture in our homes; our true personalities would NEVER shine. Therefore, adding great accessories allows your space to speak for you without even talking! Your true style will permeate through a room and ultimately pull together a space that is UNIQUELY yours!

Ok--so what are home accessories? When I talk about accessories it's not limited to just pillows. We are talking about lamps, rugs, curtains, wall decor, picture frames, books, vases, flowers, etc-- you name it (Shirley Caesar voice)! These things add layers to a room, and essentially complete and pull your living space together! Below I have compiled 5 reasons why home accessories is important in any home. 

1. Take Your Space Zero to 100 (real quick): It's amazing how "quickly" accessories take your space to another level. Take the beige tufted sofa and emerald green seatee below. The structure of these two pieces are great. But in a room with black and white stripes on the wall, it's weakkkkk! But when you add pillows, a nice rug, wall decor, lamps, and coffee table accessories--IT'S LIT! The room is immediately elevated to another level...REAL QUICK! Once you start to accessorize, you ultimately become the stylist of a room and the sky is the limit. But pump your breaks because "over accessorizing" is not a good look either but we will discuss this on a later topic. 



2. Adds Personality: Your home should be a direct reflection of WHO YOU ARE! Therefore, accessories is a huge part of displaying YOUR personality and STYLE. Just like an outfit, adding a funky boot or nice big black brimmed hat, instantly adds personality and character to your look. You should do the same with your room. Of course your furniture selections says alot about yourself, but your accessories bring it home! A nice funky rug or a gallery wall of your favorite photos and things, adds interest to your room, and displays who you are! Click here to see how I added personality in my living room by creating a gallery wall full of things that's ME! 

IMG_4926 2.JPG


3. Introduces Color: If you are a renter, you may experience an issue with bringing color into your space (i.e.- NO PAINTING). However, with some great colorful and vibrant accessories who needs paint. Accessories is a great way to introduce your space to color! For example, in the picture below: adding pink pillows with green/yellow banana leaf pillows, with pink tables immediately inject color into this black and white palette. 



4. Conversation Starter: Accessories are great conversation starters. It never fails when I wear my Zara statement necklace, 9 times out of 10 someone spark up a conversation to compliment me on the necklace. Same thing with my home! Recently, I purchased leopard pillows this Winter and these seems to get everyones attention when they walk in my living room. 



5. Save Time and Coins: When it comes to the decision making for accessories; it's alot easier and tends to be less costly. Compared to furniture selections in which it may take a while and more expensive. With furniture there are a list of questions you have to ask yourself: "is this the right size"? "do I like the feel" ? Can I see this being in my home long-term"? "Is the price right"? The list can go one and on. But when selecting accessories the decision process isn't time consuming at all. It's kind of like pick what you like and go! 

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