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Hey Peeps!!! I decided to kill some time and write a blog post. I'm currently on a layover that has turned into 3 hours in Bumble____ (fill in the blank), West Virginia. Bruhhhh… I accidentally walked out of the airport, that's how small this joint is! I literally just found out, the airport is on TOP of a FREAKING mountain. OMGGGG.... I can’t wait to get to Philly for the Made and America music festival. Therefore---if you are reading this blog post, I MADE IT!! *praise break...YES LAWD* As I digress, this week for our #LaceYourSpace series, we will be deconstructing the gallery wall. I know the gallery wall has been around for a while now, but I’m not sure if this trend is fading anytime soon (I hope not). It’s a super cool inexpensive way to add some “flava” and character to your space without breaking the bank. If you are a renter, and don't want to paint an accent wall, this would be the perfect solution for you. Or maybe you are a collector of artwork, an artist, a photographer, or just what to display an array of images in a fun way, then a gallery wall is perfect for you too. If executed correctly, it's one of those things when people leave your home, they will still be talking about.."that gallery wall tho" but (in a good way). Below I will be sharing 7 tips on how to create a SUPER DOPE gallery wall from start to finish!




1. Use what you GOT

Before you *skrt..skrt* (meaning: get in your car and drive)  to your local HomeGoods, I would suggest that you take inventory of the artwork/picture frames you already have in your possession. If you are anything like me, you already have a few frames laying around, that's not getting much use. You know what I'm about to say: grab those so we can put them to USE! It will definitely save you a few coins and I'm all about promoting the saving of coins...okay!!!!!!

2. Get Creative

In retrospect, you want your gallery wall to be this personalized super dope masterpiece on your wall, that essentially tells a story. The items you have from the above step, if you are lacking a few more pieces, this would be the perfect time to actually *skrt skrt* to a store to find more artwork/ or pieces to add to your wall. Because we are being creative, and this is your masterpiece. You should think outside of the box. What type of story are you trying to convey? What makes you happy? What do you value, and want to display?  For me, as you can see---my story is all about merging fashion with interior design. My story also, compliments my living room, the elements in my living room as well. To add dimension and to ELEVATE your wall, I recommend adding different elements such as taxidermy, monogram letters, clocks, mirrors, unicorn horns, antlers, urchin… YOU NAME IT (Shirley voice)….whatever you need to add a little “depth” to your wall, and overall story is KEY. We are all about the level up!!! So---don't be scared to let your mind run free!

3. Pick a Color Palette

I know this can be slightly challenging because some people have a hard time committing to color. However, I would suggest you stick to a color scheme, so you don't complicate things for yourself. As you can see, I stuck to black, white with pops of gold for my color scheme. I chose this color scheme because I have my gallery wall in my living room and I needed to keep it subtle so it would flow with my living room color scheme as well. Also, the gallery wall is behind the tv, and I didn’t need to incorporate bold colors! I didn’t want my tv to compete with the wall (as I'm watching my tv shows). Therefore, committing to a color palette is needed to create a cohesive gallery wall.

Added bonus: if you have multiple personal photos you want to display on your wall, I have two suggestions. 1. You can always stick to black and white prints of the photos for a more uniform look  OR 2. Select photos with similar color palettes as other photos. Remember these photos should compliment each other, not compete.

4. Mix it Up

Read carefully---because we are creating a "collage" gallery wall, I can’t stress this tip enough. Mix different size artwork/frames….again.. MIX DIFFERENT SIZE artwork/frames. This is the KEY to creating a cohesive gallery wall. For example, if you have 8 pieces in your gallery wall and 6 pieces are 8x10 frames, that’s not going to be a good look--trust me! Varying size artwork/frames creates dimension, so think BIG! For instance, the size frames on my wall varies from 39 ½ x 27 to 16x 20 and small as 6 ½ x 9. You see what I'm saying? Don’t be scared!

Add bonus: Don’t forget to layer bigger frames on top of smaller ones. As you can see, the biggest frame I have on my wall; is layered on top of smaller artwork. This creates even more dimension and depth to your wall.

5. Swap It Out

This is my favorite tip!  Remember,  you can always replace the original artwork you have with another picture of some sort. A few of my picture frames were thrifted and the original art was super weak. However, I didn't necessary buy the picture for it's artwork. I actually purchased the picture for two reasons: the size of the frame or  the shape of the frame. Now, if you have frames in which you do not like the color of---CHANGE IT! There is nothing a little RustOleum spray paint can’t fix. It comes in all shades of colors and it’s my favorite brand! Out of all the pictures in my gallery wall, only two pictures have it’s original artwork. This goes back to being “creative”. Display photos, artwork, quotes, or whatever that's unique to YOU! As you can see, I added personality by incorporating a cute quote "I came to slay", a mantra I live by! I purchased that print from Whitney J Decor Etsy Shop (check out her shop, she's pretty dope).  Moreover, I took it a little more personal when I added my wi-fi password for my guest! That's the first thing my friends ask when they come to my place *points finger--it's on the wall, sis*. I actually made this print myself (let me know, if you want one). This is YOUR curated gallery wall, so change out your artwork for something more interesting!!!

6. Mock It Up

Before you start picking up art and nailing it to the wall. I laid out everything on the floor and rearranged until I got the look I wanted. I’ve read blogs in which some people group similar items/colors together. There isn’t any specific “rules” to this! But a few things to keep in mind. Utilize the wall space but remember to scale. FYI-do not place your items to high on the wall. No one can see all the way up there, you know? See below as I walk you through this process.

a. On the floor-- you want to lay down one or two of your largest frames.

b. Off center-- you want to off-center this piece(s), so there is no true focal point on the wall, and so it’s balanced (when using 2 large pieces).

c. Gather pieces--with all your pieces laying on the floor, move them around until you like the way they are positioned.

d. 1-2 inches -- make sure your pieces are about 1-2 inches apart, to prevent them from being too close/cluttered together.

e. Use your craft paper to trace the frames, and cut out each piece. With the painters tape, you will tape each piece you have traced onto the wall. This is vital because you want to make sure you have everything positioned correctly before you hang the actually pieces. Also, this gives you a chance to change something you not feeling! Time Out (Zack Morris voice): I have a confession….if I can’t keep it real with you guys, then you should unfollow me right now (haha). So, I started to do this step but didn't finish it (half way through)! Too much work in my opinion. Now--because I’m the expert when it comes to this gallery wall thing *brushes shoulders off*, I skipped it. But I don’t recommend skipping it because it is an important step. TIME IN!

7. Hang It Up

It’s time for the easy part (well kind of). You will simply hammer your pieces on the wall or you can use the rental friendly alternative (command strips). Using a leveler you want to make sure everything is lined up correctly. And Boom Shaka Laka--THERE YOU HAVE IT--you have successfully curated a SUPER DOPE gallery wall.  

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