Hello Peeps!!! I know I told you guys I was going to do better--and start blogging more! Well today is your lucky day....*hits the quan, the dougie, and a two step... in a rapid motion* (haha). Anywho, I wanted to start a new series on the blog today called Lace YOUR Space! This is a mini series where I will give you useful tips on how to lace/style your space. With me being an interior stylist and styling is one of my favorite THINGS to do! I thought it would be very beneficial to my fabulous readers ( are) to use these tips to step your style game up when it comes to home decor! We will deconstruct the process and I know that will get your styling wheel turning! Today we will be deconstructing the infamous coffee table. The coffee table in your space gives you the opportunity to show off your creativity and personality. If you are anything like me, I love to entertain/host my family and friends in the living room. And the coffee table is definitely an important element of your living room space. Whether guest are watching tv on the sofa, or talking/hanging out-- the coffee table will get used at some point. And having a empty looking glass top/or wooden coffee table, that's not dress up is super boring and BASIC! Because you know good and well, we don't get down like that. We want this piece of furniture to look stylish, effortless, and yet practical. In some cases, the coffee table serves as a focal point in the room, therefore below I will share 6 fun tips on How to Dress Your Coffee Table.

Coffee Table Styling.jpg

1. Tray

The tray is an essential element to your coffee table. It act as the foundation/centerpiece of the table. As you can see, I used a nice marble circular tray from Target. This tray will help ground the table and control clutter as well. It's also a great way of grouping objects together, to look more uniform-- so everything is not so scattered out on the table. I suggest your tray should be half the size of the coffee table or smaller, for a nice look. You certainly don't want your tray to be bigger than the table because that's not a good look, at all. 

2. Stack Books

Choose books that display your personality/ and that adds "color" to your table. Books can be a great conversation starter for you guest. People always ask where did I get my Kate Spade book from--I love to display my fashion and design books on the coffee table (and yes I actually read these books). Keep in mind the color scheme when stacking your books, for a more cohesive look. Don't forget, if you have a two-tier coffee table, you must show the bottom tier some love too. As you can see, I stacked my books on the bottom tier of table. Also, I recommend that you place the books from largest to smallest when stacking, otherwise it can look a bit crazy if you don't. #imjustsaying

3. High-Low Effect

My favorite! To prevent your coffee table from looking so flat and oh so WACK! We want to make sure we have varying object heights, especially in a set of 3 or any odd number because its visually pleasing to the eyes. That's deep right? But it's so true, and it's actually a design rule called (Rule of 3) to prove this narrative. For example: looking at 3 objects that's the same size is a little bit too much. The objects start to "compete" with each other, rather than compliment each other. Your eye wants a little relief  and that's why variation is a good thing! When executed correctly, you get a nice tablescape and drama (because we love extra-ness) with the high-low effect. On my coffee table, I incorporated a set of 3 gold candle holders from Target, topped with black and white striped candles for added drama

4. Decorative Accessories

Instantly adds interest and even more personally to your coffee table. As you can see, I have a small bowl with my gold initial on it, to add a little flare and personalization to the table. Also, I can't forget my Kate Spade coasters. These coasters serves as decorative objects but also functionality for my guest and I. Especially, when we are laughing and slipping and sippin' tea (you know what I Also, adorning the top of the book stacks with a decorative accessory enhances the look of the table as well. 

5. Candles 

ISSA VIBE! Candles add the perfect ambience for creating a good vibe in a room. Having a candle burning with nice scent is always very appeasing to your guest and relaxing as well. I topped off my gold holders by adding 3 DIY black and white candles I made for Halloween one year for a more dramatic look. Even though my coffee table has a pink color scheme theme, you can always throw in an odd-ball object, but flows with the overall concept. And that's exactly what the black and white candles does. They are more so for the "look" rather than smell.  But I have a scented candle on top of the tray for a nice sweet scent.

6. Flowers 

You should definitely bring the outside inside with something living (green plants, flowers, branches, etc)! I definitely agree with the previous sentence, but what if you have allergies or just don't have the coins to buy flowers every week or keep a green plant alive. Well I suggest you get faux flowers instead. I know some designers are probably clutching their pearls, but I'm just keeping it real! Some nice looking faux flowers (like I have on my coffee table) is acceptable in my book. It adds beauty to the table, and texture as well. I prefer live flowers, but sometimes you have to use what you got. I suggest when entertaining guest you replace the faux flowers with live ones. 

FullSizeRender 33.jpg

I hope you guys find the above tips helpful in turning your coffee table from Nope to DOPE! Use the hashtag #LaceYourSpace, so I can see your amazing coffee table! Now, I want to share with you guys my very first youtube video. I'm actually styling the coffee table above using the same tips. Don't forget to like and subscribe to the blog and also to Youtube! FYI: I don't judge my video, I'm a work in progress.