Well hello peeps! I know, I know, cue the music: ♪"it’s been long time, shouldn’t have left you, without a dope beat to step to” (haha...remember that song). I'm going to post more, I PROMISE! I’m super excited to share a new project with you guys! Initially, this room was a guest bedroom that was being used as a storage room. At the time of the project, my client was engaged and counting down the days when her and soon to be hubby would unite as one. With time ticking, she thought it would be best if she transformed the guest bedroom into her personal GLAM dressing room. The guest bedroom was the perfect choice because it wasn’t being used to it’s full potential or functionality at all. My client has a two level family home, in which the master is located downstairs. Moreover, this particular guest room is located right beside the master, making the decision to turn the bedroom into a closet even better! Her soon to be hubby would take over the closet in the master, and she would simply, have a ROOM for her closet! SWEET, right? Once we officially figured out, that we would turn the guest room into her dream glam room, it was time for the FUN to start!!

As you can see here, this is the master bedroom closet. My client clothes was growing and she needed more room and ORGANIZATION! 

As you can see here, this is the master bedroom closet. My client clothes was growing and she needed more room and ORGANIZATION! 

Here is the design board I presented to my client before I started the closet.

Here is the design board I presented to my client before I started the closet.

My client was very specific and wanted to design her closet unit “her way”. After gathering her requirements/wants/needs/must-haves/budget and took the dimensions of the room. I went with the IKEA Pax System, for the foundation of the closet system. This closet system is very inexpensive, and overall gives an high-end look. Using the Ikea Pax System along with the Komplement interior fittings, gives it that “custom” finish. Essentially, the closet  is specifically design to cater to my client needs. Once I gathered all of the pieces and purchased the items, it was time for the next phase of the project. It was time to clear out the old guest/storage room and start to PAINT! I knew for sure, I wanted to change the paint color on the wall. As you can see in the before pictures (below), the wall color made the room seem dim and with only one corner window, I wanted the room to seem light and airy. Even though, the size of the units were as tall of the walls, I felt as if paint would give the walls a much needed face lift. We went with Sherwin Williams: Agreeable Gray. Personally, I love this color; so light and airy, and once the paint job was complete, the room felt bigger already. The next step in this process, was actually putting the units together. Major shout out to our handyman, for doing his thing! Our handyman put the units together quickly as possible. There were a total of (3) 39’ Pax units, (2) 29’ Pax units, and (1) Corner Unit. Next, it was time to decorate!!!! However, with this project, there wasn't much decor needed. Technically, the clothes and other items in the closet would be the "decor". But of course, there were a few items purchased to give the closet that GLAM factor. Therefore, below I will be giving you 7 tips to consider to achieve the ultimate glam dressing room!

7 Tips to Achieve the ULTIMATE Glam Dressing Room

  1. Ikea Pax System: this is definitely the "holy grail" to a closet system. If you need help with organization, and keeping things in place, I highly suggest this system. As I mentioned earlier, the good thing about this system is that you can legit "customized" the units to personally fit  your/and or your client needs. Especially perfect for organization!

  2. Get LIT: It's a must to add a touch of style, shine, and of course BLING-BLING to your ceiling with a Crystal chandelier! I purchased this chandelier from Home Depot, and thought it would definitely set off that glam factor I wanted to achieve.  

  3. Show Off Your Favs: I'm not a fan of people "stunting" or "flexing" especially for the gram (hehe). HOWEVER,  this is your time to show off your favorite items in your closet. My client had a TON of shoes! I had to think to myself, what better way for someone as fashionable to keep up with them all.... yep, you got it...ON DISPLAY! Not only did she have a massive shoe collection, her purse collection was LIT too! Using the Ikea Lack shelves, I would display her collection of designer shoes and purses in one corner. Additionally, because of her massive shoe collection. I used 3 of the Ikea Bissa in which the over flow of shoes could go as well. 

  4. Beat Your Face Corner: Who doesn't like a good ol' beat down? (face beat..that is). Because this was my client's dream glam dressing room, she wanted it to be a one stop shop. She wanted to be able to BEAT her face and then shop her closet. In a tiny corner in the room, by the only window. I created her a vanity nook, where she could do her makeup. With the natural light of the window and her Impressions Vanity, she would be able to beat her face to the GAWDS--honey! 

  5. Mirror Mirror On the Wall: What's a closet without a full length mirror? And if you are a fashion maven like my client, this a MUST! Enough said! Luckily, the corner unit of the Ikea Pax System comes with a full length mirror attached. *snaps*

  6. Funky Rug: You definitely need to add some texture to the room. My client favorite color is LEOPARD! YES, that is a color. So the rug I chose for the room was only fitting! Adding a rug to this glam dressing room gives the room personality, for sure. 

  7. Make it Pretty and Unique: This is my favorite part because this is the part where you can be creative. As you can see, I added wallpaper inside the actual "closet" in the room and removed the door. I added a quick DIY project in which I spray painted a few clothes hangers gold and hung old magazines on them, to add character to the space. Moreover, the green bench with gold detailing gives the space a POP! Also, I ordered gold handles from Amazon to go on all the drawers that pulled out. Even though the pulls are small and simple, but it adds such a big impact to the overall details of the room. Instead of throwing away old designer shopping bags, I wanted to display them on top of the units as well, for added character.

As you can see on the Ikea Bissa shoe storage, I added the gold detailing using Amazon handles.

As you can see on the Ikea Bissa shoe storage, I added the gold detailing using Amazon handles.


I hope you guys have enjoyed reading this client reveal/quick tips to help you achieve the ULTIMATE glam dressing room. I will post more client reveals in the future! Make sure you subscribe to my email list, so you can be notified of new blog post. I promise I will be better!!!!