IF YOU ARE READING THIS...IT'S TOO LATE (haha...just kidding). Oh my goodness! Can you believe Thanksgiving is literally 2 weeks away? If you are anything like "snuck" up on you and now you trying to get everything together at the last minute. Hashtag-- story of my life. Nevertheless, you still have time to host the best Friendsgiving ever!

What is Friendsgiving? Friendsgiving is a "fancy" word that surfaced a few years ago. I assume it happened when college friends or young professionals who didn't have anywhere to go or couldn't travel home for Thanksgiving, started to celebrate together. I THINK? Anywho, Friendsgiving can be ANYTHING you and your friends make it! It's a beautiful thing to have a GREAT circle of genuine friendships, so why not celebrate it with a feast? And if your friends are anything like my friends, it must be super DOPE, (meaning: a word that describes something that is extremely cool, such as music, clothes, people, etc)! I've been celebrating Friendsgiving for about four years now, and I decided to put together a quick guide for anyone that's planning to host this year. Below I will be spilling the cranberry juice on how to host the best Friendsgiving dinner party ever. 



Set The Date

With less than 3 weeks away from Thanksgiving, you need to chose a date quick, fast, and in a hurry.....if you haven't done so already. The day before or after Thanksgiving are good days to host the dinner party. However, just be mindful of people schedules and availability. But, if your friends are anything like my friends, there is never a wrong date/or time for a "wholesome" turn up!

Pick A Host/Host Home

Once you have the date locked in, you will need to pick the host and host home. If you are reading this, YOU are probably the "responsible" friend that loves to plan and that's going to be the host (right?). If not, please select that friend. The host needs to decided on a space that will accommodate the guest comfortably, as possible. If you live in an apartment, see if you can gather in your clubhouse, or if you want to do it really big rent an Airbnb (but that may require another guide, because we don't have time for that right now).  

Create A Guest List (major key alert)

Understand--this is the most important part of your whole Friendsgiving experience. You should curate a list of friends who you know will VIBE perfectly well together! This is a MAJOR key to the success to your dinner party. I know, you have a plethora of friends/associates and would love to invite them all BUT you can't...sorry...not sorry (kanye shrug). Listen Linda-- if you have to question whether a person will get along with this person, OR if this person doesn't have a filter, super EXTRA, and may offend the next person, but YOU know "they don't mean any harm". Chances are, they should NOT be on your list. You do not need any vibe killers at this dinner party. This is celebratory event amongst friends, and it should be nothing but POSITIVE vibes only. CHOOSE WISELY.

Send Out Invitations

With the time crunch, we can't physically mail off invitations (ain't nobody got time for that). Therefore, collect your invites email addresses and create a nice invitation on E-Vite and send them out via email/or text. Whatever you choose, just make sure your guest receive the invitation ASAP.

Organize The Food (everybody don't eat pork)

Create a spreadsheet, and plan the menu with side dishes and include dietary restrictions. After watching What The Health on Netflix, I know you will have more than a few people opposed to pork, chicken, heck--meat completely. Therefore, send the spreadsheet in a google doc email or whatever form of communication you want to use. Let your friends sign-up for what dish they want to bring. Don't forget to include cranberry sauce, desserts, napkins, cups, foil, and utensils on the list as well. Remember the host is responsible for the turkey, and all sides should come already cooked and prepared! 

Create A Super Dope Table Setting

Grab your creative, decorative, Pinterest crazed friend and appoint this job to them! Unfortunately, everyone can't have a friend that's an interior stylist (just kidding). Along with the table setting, it's a cool idea to give your friends a chance to reflect on how thankful they are by creating a small "Thankful for" note. 

Bring Your Favorites Spirits (and someone bring the catchers)

This is a DOPE Friendsgiving right? Every guest need to bring a spirit of their choice, and someone or all can be responsible for the mixers or catchers (whatever you call it). If you do not drink, you can always make MOCKTAILS or completely skip this step. 

Play Your Favorite Games

After eating and fellowshipping at the dinner, it's time to take the party to the next level with a great game! My favorite go to game for gatherings is For the Culture. If you have played Charades or Heads-Up you will love this game. Warning--the noise level will increase to LOUD!!!!

Create The Dopest Playlist Ever (go DJ...that's my DJ)

Brace yourself--many of your friends may argue over this job responsibility. Apparently, everyone thinks they have a "lit" playlist. Make sure you choose someone with the hottest playlist ever. From throwbacks like-- Cash Money taking over for the 99-2000's, to present day-- Cardi B, you know where I"m at, you know what I be and ending with-- Frankie Beverly Maze--before I let gooooo. It should be non stop hits playing through the speakers all night long!

Make Sure Everyone Uber Home

Self explanatory, right? 

Keep these steps in mind, as you Host the DOPEST Friendsgiving ever!! Let me know, how it TURN UP, oops I mean turn out! If you want a post on how to achieve the table setting above, comment below.