Ever since I ditched my perfectly fine tv stand, I had since college. I’ve been on a serious mission to get my hands on the infamous campaign dresser. I searched my local thrift/antique/and consignment stores for this gem but didn’t have any luck. However, one sunny day while I was working my full-time job, I decided to go peruse Craigslist for this specific dresser. Wait...wait before you call me a slacker and start side eyeing me..work was slow that day, OK?  After typing campaign dresser in the search bar,I found exactly what I was looking for. I guess you can describe it as LOVE at first click! The dresser was physically flawed but I could see something GREAT beyond the scratches, tarnish pulls, missing hardware, and those tacky Garfield stickers. And for a whooping $50, a couple of emails, and a 25 minute drive to Matthews, NC, this campaign dresser was MINE! Keep reading as I spill the tea, on the steps I took to achieve the perfect campaign dresser makeover.


  1. Paint: Behr Interior/Exterior Hi-Gloss Enamel- Ultra Pure White

  2. Primer/Sealer: Kilz Premium High Hide Stain Blocker-White

  3. Sander: Ryobi 5” Random Orbit Sander

  4. Sanders: 120, 100, and 90 grit

  5. Bar Keeper’s Friend

  6. Paint Roller and Paint pan

  7. Wood Glue *if needed*

  8. Tools (screwdriver)

  9. Rustoleum Metallic Gold Spray Paint

  10. Your handy dandy stepfather as your assistant (optional)


Step One: Remove Hardware

First things first, I removed the tarnished not so gold hardware. As you can see from the photo above, my dresser was missing 2 pulls (middle and right lower). Nevertheless, to remove the hardware just simply retrieve a screw driver and begin unscrewing. Easy right? As I was unscrewing the hardware, I noticed the dresser was missing a few screws, but that wasn't a biggie. To remove the corner L and T brackets I used a knife. I placed the knife underneath the bracket and gently gave it a wiggle, and it came right off. Sidenote: be careful as you don’t want to lose the very small nails that are attached to these corner brackets. Now, I want to give you the hard truth about a campaign dresser, that some blogs may not share with you. Campaign hardware is pricey and hard to find. I searched E-Bay for the missing pull on the drawer and was able to find one for 40 bucks. Yes! 40 bucks for ONE pull kind of hurt my feelings but it was a must! Another disappointment, I have NOT been able to locate the middle pull of my dresser. I’ve searched high and low for this pull and no luck. Moreover, if you notice, there are two missing corner L- brackets as well. I was able to locate those on etsy for $12 a piece. Nevertheless, I can’t complain because I just had to have this dresser.  

FullSizeRender 5.jpg


Step Two: Sand Dresser

Now, it’s time to go to WORK, WORK, WORK, WORK, WORRKKK (in my best Rihanna voice). Before I started sanding, I used Elmer’s wood filler, to fill-in any dents, chips, etc in the wood. After that dried, I used my Ryobi 5” Random Orbit Sander to start sanding down the dresser with the assistance of my handy dandy stepdad. I purchased this baby from my local Home Depot. I love how lightweight and compact it is, and because it’s Ryobi I love it even more. I was able to use the sander without any problems and it was super easy to get in the tight, hard to reach spots of the dresser as well. Remember to move the sander in small circular motions. The sander comes with a few sanding disc but I purchased a few disc of my own. I noticed the 120 disc weren’t doing the job, therefore I went back to Home Depot to purchase the 100 grit sanding disc and that worked perfectly. After I finished sanding the dresser, I wiped down the excess residue with a micro fiber cloth. 

Step Three: Apply Paint

I wanted the dresser to be white, topped with a gloss. First, I used my paint rollers to apply 2 coats of the KILZ Premium base primer. Next for my top coat, I used Behr Interior/Exterior Hi-Gloss Enamel in the color Ultra Pure White. Believe it or not, this was my first “Behr” experience and I was totally pleased! The paint took to the dresser very well and I was very pleased with the end result.

Step Four: Let the paint dry and take a break


Step Five: Clean Hardware

While the paint is drying and after your break, this is the perfect time to clean and spray the hardware. I attempted to use Bar Keeper’s Friend for cleaning, but didn’t make much progress. I’m pretty sure this is a great product, because I’ve read a ton of great reviews! However, it did not get  the job done for my hardware. When I noticed the handles were still the same color, I reached for my handy dandy Rustoleum Metallic Gold. I seldomly SWEAR by this product. It’s the perfect GOLD! Once I sprayed my hardware with this spray paint, those babies were good as NEW!

Step Six: Install Hardware

Now, that your dresser and hardware is completed; it’s time to install the hardware back on the dresser. Grab your screwdriver, screws, and start screwing back things where you found them.


Step Seven: Style and accessorize your new dresser

Now that you have completed your campaign dresser, you MUST style your dresser like a pro. As you can see, I wanted to use my dresser as a TV stand, therefore I placed my tv on the dresser and added accessories around it, to bring the dresser to LIFE! If you want to know, how I created the gallery wall behind the tv, make sure you check out out the blog next week! I will give you the deets for creating this inexpensive gallery wall.

I hope you have enjoyed these 7 easy steps to obtain your beautiful campaign dresser. I can’t wait to see how your dresser came out! Make sure you share and comment below.