In the world of fashion and every girl's wardrobe, great accessories is an absolute MUST! Essentially, accessories can make or break your outfit. You can wear a simple black dress, but adding a fabulous statement necklace, paired with stunning earrings, a nice leather boot, hand clutch,  topped with a nice fur. GIRLLLL, you immediately take that simple black dress from nope to DOPE! In correlation with home design, accessories


"Hang all the mistletoe.. I'm gonna get to know you better....This Christmas--And as we trim the tree... How much fun it's gonna be together This Christmas--the fireside blazing briggghttttt. HOLD ON, let me stop. I was about to get take off! It's something about Christmas that I truly love. One of those things is trimming the Christmas tree! I mean--what's Christmas without a Christmas tree!!!! I remember growing up, my great-grandmother made sure she put up our tree the day after Thanksgiving. She had a small tree but propped it on a wooden table, so from the window outside looking in, it literally looked about 6ft (haha). The tree had colorful lights that blinked on and off to the sound of Christmas tunes, colorful ornaments that would break--if you held it to tight, and mad silver tinsel EVERYWHERE!!!! On the wooden table around the tree, there would be more tinsel garland, baby Jesus in the manger, and

3 GLAM AND SUPER EASY HALLOWEEN PUMPKINS (to incorporate with any decor)

Hello Peeps!!! OMG, can you believe Halloween is literally 2 weeks away...YIKES! Which means Thanksgiving is a month away and Christmas is right around the corner. Where did my 2017 go? *le sigh* Nevertheless, I thought it would be cool to share a quick pumpkin DIY to incorporate into your home decor for Halloween.  Being the super chic and oh so glamorous person I am (don't side eye me...you too!), I didn't want any "spooky" type of pumpkins. I seriously, do not have time to be spooked out in the middle of the night (No Ma'am). However, I wanted something neutral (black and white) and a pop of GOLD and some SPARKLE, to easily flow with my living room decor.